Hudson says; two stores.  Part one. 


So I been talking to Diega online and via text more than I talk to my mom.  I don’t know why but we seem to have really connected.  it’s weird cause I seem to connect to people far away quite a bit.  I wonder if it’s the idea that I don’t have to really commit or I can be honest without feeling crowded, you know?  

Anyway, we talk but we haven’t really played together that much online or via text since that night but I chalk this up to her not being drunk.  The two times we’ve played it’s been cause she’s been drunk and she’s uninhibited.  

Two nights ago, I was alone at my place and decided to turn my camera on and go on gchat.  And there she is.  We start talking and I convince her to go on gchat video chat.  Actually I don’t convince her, I just ask her.  It doesn’t take much.  She’s under her blanket but she has nothing on.  She looks incredibly hot and just has a smile that could kill children.  Ha.  

I am pretty good at making her smile and it’s not long before I convince her to watch me play.  Looking at her naked without showing me anything, really gets me excited.  I take my dick out but don’t show her.  I subtley play, slow strokes, staring at her, and I can see her staring at me.   I get so excited staring at her.  Moaning out loud, I can see her really enjoying it, not masturbating yet but she’s staring, licking her lips. 

I ask her to join.  I still can’t see anything but I love watching her moan.  She stares at me, as I really start to grab at my cock, still not showing me her body but you can see it in my face.  Moaning, biting my lip, I can’t stop.  She’s playing under her blanket, I start telling her how i’d go down on her while she played.  

“my mouth on your thigh, my breath on you.  My tongue slides across your wetness, finally tasting you…”

she starts to play harder, her blanket falls as she grabs at her amazing tits, pulling at her hard nipples…  I keep at her.  “my fingers sliding inside you as I put your clit in my mouth. running my tongue over it..”  tell me you want to see my cock…


I point the camera towards my cock…

“wow.  are you kidding me?”

now you might think this is mood killer but it’s the opposite, she loves my cock and thinks it’s big and I love this sooo much…. I start to stroke it slow.  I show her how curved my cock is .. she can’t believe it… ‘ohhhh’

She starts to play a lot harder, she’s moaning into the camera, as I play, I can barely type, watching her, mouth open, grabbing at her tits, under her blanket, rubbing her clit, fingering herself deep, I can see her saying my name.  

“please let me cum for you, I want you to feel me deep inside you, hitting so deep.  I want to feel you wrapped around me as I slide soooo deep, please give it to me”

I can tell she’s getting close, I beg her to cum for me, “I want to cum for you, please cum with me, where do you want it?”  

“all over my ass, please, give it all to me”

as she says it, I can feel myself letting go, ‘ohhhhhh”  I type as I cum so fucking hard, watching her cum too, bucking back and forth, loud, even though I can’t hear her.  So hot..  I am drenched with cum and sweat, staring at her finishing her off.  

I stare and smile.  fuck.


Hudson says;  Friday nights always seem to be my adventure night.  if nothing happens all week, like this week, I can guarantee something, at least bizarre will happen on Friday.

So I have been sort of talking to Aaliayah via emails and texts.  Called her once while I was playing.  She is a strange one and I guess I was sort of testing the boundries with her.  Not that I thought she wouldn’t be down with it, I just wanted to see if she would really like it.  I got sort of an interest but not really.  I figured that she has some reservations about me cause of certain things I haven’t talked about yet on this blog.

Anyway, I gave her some space but did invite her to stop by the bar where I work to see if she’d stop by.  I mean I literally invite most people I know who go out to stop by.  Only the new friends stop by.

So at about 1a last night she stops by and barely talks to me for the first 30 mins.  Some texts from across the bar but barely a hello.  Strange.  

Finally, she comes up next to me and we start talking.  She’s a bit taller than I ever remembered her being and her body is really pretty stunning.  She’s a runner and is slim without being too skinny.  great legs and I try to graze her body whenever I can.  

I think she’s been doing coke or something cause she’s pretty revved up and just talking.  

Have I mentioned how I know having a picture of my cock on my phone will be my downfall but how often I’ve used it to my advantage?  I mean I know I am accidentally going to send it to my grandfather or something but so far it’s really worked out for me.  

Anyway, I have sent her the picture before and she really liked it but she told me she accidentally erased it.    Anyway, I ask.  “Do you want to see my cock again?” ..  Don’t know if it’s the beer or me talking, either way, just keep talking..   She says yes, emphatically.  

I show her the picture.  She looks at it.  “So beautiful.”  That just kills me.  Really does.

I ask her if she wants it right now?  

Sometimes things comes out of my mouth without no control.  “Tyler says the words for me. ”  She tells me how fucking horny she is and how bad she wants to fuck.

I grab her body, pull her closer to me.  Tell her to spread her legs so I can feel how wet she is for me.  I slide my hands between her legs.  She’s standing next to me at the bar.  No one can see.  Her pussy is wet and I can feel it over her stockings, and her panties.  I instantly get hard.  I try to push my fingers between her.  Deep thru all her clothes.  I tell her to grab my cock for a second to see how hard she is making me.  She gives my cock a grab and stares at me.  Her wetness and heat I can feel on my fingers.

She tells me how bad she wants me to watch her.  She wants to pull her stockings down and show me her pussy while she plays for me. 

I moan. 

And then…  she tells me she’ll be right back.  And goes off to check on her friends.  The next 30 mins is us talking about hows and wheres and ifs we could play.  I have about an hour left and her friends need to go.  

So??  So nothing.  She leaves, sort of fussy and aggressive telling me that if I don’t come over tonight, it’s now or never.  In about 2o mins later when she gets home, she tells me to call her so she can play on the phone with me.

Jesus.  Girls.

So I leave the bar, it’s about 425am.  It’s about 2 degrees out.  I walk next to to a little alcove and jerk off (kinda) while she plays with herself on the phone for me.  It’s hot and I really like how she plays.  She cums 5 times while on the phone.  5.  

And then I cum, outside. freezing and sweating. cumming hard outside while hearing her egg me on.  telling her to give it to her.  to cum all over her.  to cover her.  and I do.  

tired, we hang up.  I head home.  

fucking fridays man.

Hudson says: even when I am not being sexual I am a bit.  It’s hard to decipher the difference from thinking about sex, jerking off and everything else.  

I have been sort of out of commission of my pleasurable life due to lack of health and too much work.  It sort of sucks to be like this.  I deep down inside want to play, meet up and fuck but I mostly really just want to sleep.  

Anyway, I have been talking to a few different girls in my life right now and all of them are either on the way in, the way out or somewhere in between.  I did end up having phone (read:text) sex with Aaliyah, after confirming it was her real name after all.  It was a lot of fun and most of my suspicions of the way “she was” was pretty close to the truth.  It’s always to gage what will really get someone off till you really try it, right?  

During phone or cyber or text messaging someone, you can always test the water.  Do I talk about anal, am I controlling or do I let her do it?  Does she like to be called names, does she just want to hear her name moaned??  And having being a good listener and being attentive is all that differentiates a great experience and a bad one.

If I could only remember what this one girl said to me once, I would tell you about the worst phone sex I’ve ever had.  It was so bad I faked cumming so I could get off the phone with her.  And I am a dude.  

Anyway, text messaging with her was fun.  She was more about HER though.  if  that makes sense.  .  it was fun nonetheless.  and I look forward to seeing her in the future.  Maybe this weekend I will be done working and not feeling great.

Sorry for the wait.  Where is my co contributor?  She sucks.  WHERE ARE YOU??

Hudson says: So you realize it took less than a week to get noticed? Just a week online and we got linked to FLESHBOT. (check out the link here.)

Anyway, welcome readers, please feel free to leave comments, send us emails or just browse around. Also stick around cause the girl who will be contributing to this site will be posting very soon, (right??) so stay tuned.

Thank you and we’re honored.

Hudson, says: Here’s a picture. Me playing with a friend.

me not alone (me not alone, taken with my phone.)

Hudson says: I don’t have much today. Worked a lot, played a bit in the morning and had phone sex with a girl I may see soon on a trip so that was fun. But feeling a bit run down and don’t really have much to say about it.

I did meet a girl on Saturday night now that I think about it. Do you think we can spot our own? I mean I always tell my friends that to really meet girls, you don’t have to be anything besides, kind, charismatic and an opportunist. Did you ever have those moments where you think later, oh shit I should have said that and so forth. That doesn’t happen to me very often cause I am always looking for that in a person. Waiting for subtle signs and notifications that they share an interest.

I swear I can spot someone who is as into sex as me. I can see them glowing. Don’t ask. Believe.

Anyway, we’re sitting at a bar waiting to meet a girl my friend is dating (and not sleeping with) and we have one beer when this girl next to us is talking to the bartender. She is fondling a tequila bottle. Yes fondling, there is a very phallic looking bottle. I lean over, “um, what’s that?” She replies, inebriated-ly, “it’s tequla, want some?”

Great curly hair, cute body, great teeth and beautiful neck and cleavage. “Who am I to turn down tequila from what looks like a glass dildo?” Wow, i’m subtle.

She laughs, we do a shot together. She tells me her name is Aaliyah, I for some reason don’t believe her. She’s with friends but she’s completely ignoring them talking to me. Complimenting my sweater, sneakers and so forth. She says, I just want to hug you.

“um, ok.” She hugs. She tells me I smell good.

Seriously, let me say this, I am not ugly but I’m not this good looking by any means. I mean girls rarely throw themselves at me. So fuck it right?

She tells me she wants to “pet” me. She runs her hand up my back. Very PG. So here’s my opportunity..

Cautiously but confidently, “Um, I think you would pet me completely different than that.” She runs her hand across my back, scratching a bit this time. I tell her she could do better than that. This time, complete with small moan and eyes half closed, she moans and runs her hand across my back. Really hot.

So I say, “let me show you my trick”, I run my hand across the back of her neck. My fingers run up her head and grab her curly locks and pull just a bit.

She stops everything. Is there a girl out there that doesn’t love that? She literally moans when I do it.

Meanwhile my friend is on the phone with the girl who will later blow him off leaving him to drive home drunk alone later instead of inviting him over. He looks at me. “Time to go.”

I tell Aaliyah I am leaving, get her number and text her on my way out to give her my number. And then I don’t hear from her again till last night at like 12midnight. She texted me. Nothing nutty. Just a hey and I was “the bomb”, which I made fun of her for in the morning.

We talked from bed and came this close to getting pretty dirty. I look forward to hear more from her. Hopefully she’ll admit that that’s not really her name.

So let me say this. I really like getting girls off. When i’ve talked about fetishes, I think it might be one of mine. I mean i could get a call from any girl and she could be like. “get me off” and I’d walk out of whatever I was doing to do it, even by phone.

Sometimes, I accidentally get involved in text sex. Swear.

Anyway, so I have been talking to someone named Diega, in Europe via email and texts recently. Nothing sexual. We have some mutual friends and sort of became online friends. I think she’s really cute and she told me she thought I was handsome (a word not often used to describe me) but she has a boyfriend that lives over here.

So last night while I was at work, I get a message from her drunk telling me that she’s had a dream about fucking me.
God, I love that.

The truth is… if you ever wanted to find out if someone was interested in you, can’t you just really say that? Think about it, I had a dream about you… Most people if interested would make a joke about sex or something. If the person reacts differently or blows it off, then you know. And it’s easy cause you can’t blame your dreams. Right? Like. I didn’t want to fuck you or anything, that was my dumb subconscious.

Anyway, so instead of letting her lead with the story, I figured, I would tell her about Hilary and the other night and see if she wanted to hear more. She did and it quickly became about her and not about Hilary, which is what I was hoping for.

It’s interesting cause English isn’t her first language but you wouldn’t know that. It really turns me on to know that she’s playing reading my words. Imagining me (or someone else) telling her these things. I get off on it. I mean I was at work. I didn’t even play but I must have sent 30 texts getting her off.

The messages were really hot and she really knew the right things to say. She later told me that it was surprisingly hot. Hmmm. Anyway, I make her cum via text and a continent away and she then sleeps..

I am looking forward to talking to Diega again.

Anyway, I knew a girl named Deidre, I used to fool around with was in town for the holiday wanted to see me very badly and I knew that if I played at work (which I would have…) I wouldn’t be able to play with her later.

Deidre, is really demanding when it comes to me. It’s hard to explain but she will say things like, you’re fucking me or we’re not talking. She just straddles the line of someone I might be wary of but she has never really crossed that line so I guess I’m OK with it. Also, she’s a hardcore squirter. I was the first person who ever made her squirt and I think that’s another reason she likes fucking around with me so much.

I think I like her cause we do have fun together and she’s always available for me. Never questions and when or where. She also probably sleeps with more people than I do. And I do love that about her.

Anyway, Deidre says shes coming by my work. I (sometimes) work at a bar and can get away from the bar occasionally especially if there’s a good reason for it. Like bathroom sex. So she shows up. Give her a kiss hello. And cause of the texts messages, I raring to go.

I grab her hand, “Follow me,” we walk to the bathroom, the minute we get in there, we are kissing hard. She grabs at my jeans, pulling them off. I slide my hands down the top of her stockings. She likes to be pushed around a bit and really manhandled. I instantly push my fingers inside her. She moans and grabs at my cock.. She drops to her knees making me stop, and is stroking my dick hard. She wastes no time, putting me into her mouth. She starts jerking me off and sucking my cock deep. I really do like my cock squeezed but she grabs on so hard while fucking her mouth with it. It does feel great and I can feel the cum building already. I would usually stop to finger or fuck her but she won’t let me, so I go with it. I tell her I love how she sucks my cock I run my fingers thru her hair, holding her head, I start pumping quicker, feeling the cum building.. “oh fuck I’m going to cum” “tell me you want it” She moans, letting me know to cum down her throat.. Then it rushes out. SO hard, I can feel her swallowing as I can’t stop pumping it deep.. So good…

I relax. We fix each other and run outside. She tells me to wait ten minutes and then meet her again in the same bathroom. So I do.

We go out. Wait and then regroup in the bathroom. This time it’s her turn. We kiss again, she likes to be talked to while I finger her. She says “Tell me you missed this pussy” It’s wet and dripping for me and I did. She likes her clit rubbed hard. I moan, I love how wet she gets for me.

Three fingers inside, curling like my cock, I push deeper. She moans, I pull my three fingers dripping out and I go back to her clit. I rub harder, she’s getting close I can tell,

She pulls her stockings down. I am pushing on her wet clit, rubbing.. her breathing becomes heavier, she’s moaning, “please please”…

Oh Hudson, please..

And her head flies back, she’s cumming. Her body is shaking and pumping like it was being fucked and I can literally hear it splashing on the ground, shooting out of her, on my hand and all over the floor. She’s loud and can’t stop, my hand still on her button….

I look down, the floor looks like someone dumped a ton of water on it. it’s pretty amazing. I point. She laughs.

We clean up. Walk out like nothing happened. 20 minutes when I am done we go for a ride and play some more, we both cum again. I am fucking tired. That’ll be the last time I see her for a bit.